Help Me

I am a ham radio operator. I also like to off-road. In order to prepare for the chance that I need to summon help I have created this page that contains the GPS coordinates of where one might find me. If I have not asked you for assistance please disregard the content contained herein.



This page is being created to hold information while I am on my deer hunting trips. It is here in the event that I am lost or someone needs to get a hold of me.


I will be staying in Alder Creek Camp Ground in Kern County, California. The GPS coordinates of that site are:

Lat: 35° 43' 7" N Long: 118° 36' 48" W

Converted that can be expressed as:

35 43.12N 118 36.8W


35.71866N 118.6133W


There is no cell phone service at the site but I have very good coverage on the local ham radio repeater. I can be reached most of the time on a amateur radio repeater listed below as option 1. The others are listed for reference in the event that I have traveled out of the range of the first repeater (very unlinkely).


1) Freq: 145.410 Mhz offset: - PL Tone: 103.5 Location: Shirley Meadows

My amateur radio callsign is: KC6WTA

I can travel to a point to receive and make cell phone calls but I need to be informed of the necesity to do so. Contact a local amateur radio operator in order to contact me.